Write to Your Donor or Donor Family

After surgery, some recipients choose to write to their donor or their donor’s family to thank them for their gift, to share information about themselves, and to let them know how the transplant has changed their life.

We encourage transplant recipients to write to their donor or their donor’s family, if and when it feels right for them. The decision to write is a deeply personal one, and there is no right or wrong time or way to express your thanks.

If you would like to communicate with your donor or their family, you can send a card, letter or photograph to the address below. Your communication will be reviewed to ensure confidentiality, and if your donor or their family has indicated a wish to receive correspondence from recipients, we will arrange for it to be forwarded to them.

Please enclose your name and date of surgery on a separate piece of paper in the envelope, so we can ensure we connect you with the right donor or donor’s family. Your letter to the family should not include any identifying details, such as your full name, address, or phone details.

Occasionally we receive return correspondence from the donor or donor’s family, which we will then forward to the recipient.

Recipient correspondence should be sent to:

Recipient Correspondence
PO Box 5042
Midland, WA 6056

Bruce and Karen, and many other donor families have expressed how much it means to hear from recipients. A letter at any stage of a recipient's journey would be cherished.
“ Our 19 yr old daughter Alysha became a tissue donor in 2008. Alysha wanted to help others whenever she could and her conversation with us about donating her organs and tissues was not a surprise. When we were asked whether Alysha could be a tissue donor, we knew what to do. It has been a source of great pride for us to know how many people have benefited from her generosity. ”