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At PlusLife, we pride ourselves on exclusively retrieving 100% Australian Donated bone and tissue, which is processed at our Midland facility in Western Australia, to produce allografts of the highest quality.

ARTG ID 229915

Femoral Head Donations retrieved in Western Australia and selected hospitals in South Australia form a large volume of our Allografts. Surgeons are able to refer primary total hip replacement patients to PlusLife for this donation to occur. 

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Prior to release of allograft, all donors are tested for viral markers (including TPPA, Hep B &C, HIV, HTLV) and must be found to have tested negative. All donors are also screened for conditions that may impact on the recipient, or the functionality of the bone and tissue.

Each allograft is produced from a single donor to ensure complete traceability. We do not practice donor pooling.

All processed allograft is terminally irradiated (25kGy) prior to distribution. Tendons undergo low dose irradiation of 15kGy.

PlusLife is a not for profit organisation and we operate on a cost recovery basis. Fees for the supply of allografts incorporate the many associated cost for donor screening and testing, retrieval, processing, storage and distribution of allograft.

Allograft fees are charged directly to the hospital, and are fully recoverable through the private health funds or via Medicare if the surgery is performed in a registered hospital.

Information for your patients on receiving allograft is available should you wish to provide this to them prior to surgery.

Allograft Solutions

PlusLife has a wide range of musculoskeletal tissue allografts available.

We can provide high resolution photographs of most allografts (taken at processing) along with accurate measurements to ensure the allograft meets your needs. Please note that these photos are taken prior to irradiation. Annotated X- rays are also available to be sent electronically.

Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist surgeons and hospital staff with questions regarding ordering and distribution of our allograft and can be reached on 08 6144 3500 (business and after hours). 

Our allograft range is subject to availability and manufacturing specifications may change at any time.

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For All Other Inquiries, Please Contact:

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Nadine Liechti:

Australian Quality

As a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed tissue bank, we are committed to providing medical professionals with safe and effective human bone and tissue allografts for various surgical specialities. We have a robust Quality Management system which supports this commitment.

Pluslife allografts are screened and processed in accordance with TGA regulations – ARTG ID 229915

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have adopted appropriate measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our communities, donors, staff and the facilities in which we conduct our services.


Research and Development

Our Midland facility enables us to actively collaborate with clinicians and researchers in developing more highly advanced allografts which meet and exceed clinical expectations; therefore we welcome clinical input and the opportunity to discuss research and development collaborations in our onsite Research Laboratory.

Our Board is in the process of establishing a Research Foundation.