Living Donor Program

Patients undergoing hip replacement surgery can choose to donate the ball part of their hip joint (femoral head), which is removed and otherwise discarded as a routine part of the procedure.

Bone donation is voluntary and does not alter in any way how your surgery is performed. There is no age limit and no cost incurred by you.

With your donation, someone stands a chance at living a better life.

Femoral Head Donation

For more information on this program download our brochure.

Consent Form

Email your completed Femoral Head Consent form to

Deceased Donor Program

It is possible to donate bone and other tissue after you pass away. As a DonateLife Partner, we work closely with DonateLife WA Donation Specialist Coordinators who facilitate this donation program.

It is important to talk to your family about your organ and tissue donation wishes during your lifetime, so that your next of kin is aware of your wishes and can make an informed decision, if approached by a donation specialist coordinator after your death.

The body of the deceased is always handled with great care and respect. Bone and tissue are carefully retrieved by trained surgical staff.

Using prosthetic implants, the limbs are reconstructed to restore alignment, and all wounds are carefully closed – as for any surgical procedure. It is also possible for the family to view the body following the retrieval should they wish to.

The generous gift of donation made by donors and their families enables us to improve the lives and wellbeing of bone and tissue graft recipients.

Make Your Organ and Tissue Donation Wishes Known to Your Loved Ones