Femoral Head Donation for WA Theatres

Femoral Head Donation Instructions


  • Theatre departments are notified of Femoral Head Donors either the business day before or the morning of the patient’s surgery. A copy of the PlusLife Femoral Head Donor Notification and Checklist form pre-filled with the patient, hospital and surgeon details (Figure 1) is emailed or faxed (as per specific hospital arrangements). 
  • Proceed with femoral head donation only when you are in possession of a PlusLife Femoral Head Donor Notification and Checklist form.


  • PlusLife provides hospitals with eskies and Femoral Head Donation Kits (Figure 2) which contain the following inside a dust cover:
  1. BD Vacutainer blood tube
  2. Amies Culture Swab
  3. 30ml jar for the dry bone specimen for culture
  4. Biopsy jar containing Formalin for histopathology, in a biohazard bag
  5. 250ml jar containing a plastic bag for the femoral head
  6. Pre-printed laboratory request form
  7. Kit batch label (attached to laboratory request form)
  8. Additional zip-lock bag for the FH jar
  9. Additional Biohazard bag for remaining specimens
  • Collect a Femoral Head Donation Kit from the temperature-controlled storage area (Kits must be stored under 25 degrees to maintain the integrity of the components).
  • Check:
  1. Temperature tag under the lid of the esky against the picture taped next to it. If all 3 dots are completely red use another kit and contact PlusLife. Partially red is acceptable (Figure 3).
  2. Expiry date on the kit.
  • In the event that components of the kit are damaged, expired and/or missing, use another kit and notify PlusLife.

For All Other Inquiries, Please Contact:




Information for your patients following femoral head donation